Through close guidance, education, and practical advice, I will help you resolve your digestive issues and establish your health and weight loss goals long term.

Your personal Dietitian Sarah Mirkin, RD CPT

When you make one healthy, positive change, you open the door to a lifetime of sustainable healthy habits.
For 25 years, Sarah has helped countless people lose weight permanently and manage health and digestive issues.
Celebrity dietitian, nutritionist, and founder of Kitchen Coach, Sarah Mirkin RDN, CPT tailors her counseling specifically to you. As a renowned health expert and media spokesperson, Sarah will help you achieve the healthiest version of you!

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Kitchen Coach Programs

Kitchen Coach will review your current diet and provide education specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.

Executive Level Programs

Are you a busy professional who wants to eat healthy foods or a corporation that needs a wellness program?

Kitchen Coach is now bi-coastal! Our second location is in South Florida.

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Get Recipes from your Personal Dietitian Sarah Mirkin, RD

Sarah puts together healthy meals for your to make and enjoy.


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