Kitchen Coach Nutrition Services

At Kitchen Coach we offer comprehensive nutrition services to help you get on the right path to healthy permanent lifestyle change. Each session is tailored specifically to you.

Our goal is to help you establish a healthy way of life that suits your lifestyle so that you can reach your health, and nutrition goals long term! 

We want you to FEEL and LOOK your best! 


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In this 75 minute comprehensive nutrition consultation Sarah will obtain important information about you including your medical history, weight history, food preferences, schedule, eating habits, goals, and exercise regime. She will review and evaluate your current diet, and provide education specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. This session will give you the guidelines you need to start you off on a path to make permanent healthy lifestyle changes.



In this 75 minute session your metabolic needs, including your basil metabolic rate and total daily energy expenditure, will be determined, as well as what your caloric intake should be to meet your weight management goals. You will be given a breakdown of exactly how many grams of carbohydrates, protein and fat you should be eating to achieve your goals most effectively. A meal plan will be developed for you based on your lifestyle, food preferences, and metabolic requirements.

Nutrition Programs


The founder of Kitchen Coach, Sarah will come to your home, review the contents of your pantry and refrigerator, and tell you what to keep, what to toss and what to stash out of sight. She will go through the products with you, review the food labels and product ingredient lists so that you understand how to keep your pantry healthy.

Grocery Shopping Tour LA


Have a professional take you on an isle by isle tour at the grocery or health food store of your choice!
Sarah will provide you with insightful tips and guidance on how to read and compare food labels and make the best food choices to meet your dietary goals and implement your meal plan.