A woman holding her stomach in front of her.

What is causing your tummy troubles besides FODMAP’s?

Because a food is Low FODMAP doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t irritate your stomach. Low FODMAP means that it will not be fermentable by bacteria. Here are some Low FODMAP foods that could cause tummy troubles.

1. Coffee and other caffeinated beverages:

Although coffee is low FODMAP it’s a gastric irritant, gastric stimulant, and it’s very acidic. If you’re having trouble with heartburn I’d recommend avoiding it. The tannins both in coffee and tea can also cause distress. A great substitute is Matcha tea. If heartburn is not an issue practice moderation.

2. Citrus fruits- oranges, lemons, and limes are FODMAP free:

However, the are also acidic and act as gastric stimulants. If you’re having issues with heartburn they should be avoided or minimized. If you’re having issues with constipation they may be helpful. If you feel like they trigger bloating then minimize your portion and try having it after a meal.

3. Cooked tomatoes and low FODMAP tomato sauces and taco sauce:

Cooked tomatoes are very acidic and could trigger bloating. If you’re having issues with heartburn avoid them until the symptoms disappear. Otherwise, stick to the portion size on the food label and allow 3 hours for proper digestion before lying down.

4. Spices and spicy foods:

Again, with GERD or heartburn, these should be minimized or avoided. Otherwise, pay attention to how your body reacts. Immediate bloating is typically not from FODMAPS but from a gastric irritant. Many people can tolerate all of the foods I’ve listed above but many cannot. Keep this in mind on this journey.