A woman is holding a slice of pizza on a scale.


Every registered dietitian will tell you that fast weight loss is not the way to go. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is through permanent lifestyle change. Everyone wants a quick fix. Unfortunately fad diets and crash diets will backfire. Read this if you’re not convinced.

2/3 of people who go on a restrictive diet and lose weight end up heavier than their starting weight.

When people restrict their diet for too long they lose touch with feeling of hunger and satiety.

Diets lead to feeling of deprivation which almost always leads to overeating and disordered eating. I have yet to meet a client who has dieted and hasn’t overindulged when it was over.

When a person goes on a diet their body adjusts to a lower caloric intake. The metabolism slows down so that they can survive with less food. This is not easy to turn back up.

Diets aren’t forever. They are short term. Quick weight loss is mostly water and lean muscle mass. The weigh re-gained is almost always mostly fat. Muscle burns calories fat doesn’t.

Each time a person diets they typically lower their calorie needs, lose muscle mass and gain fat. This is why some obese people really don’t eat very much. Their body has adapted to a lower calorie intake, and their percentage of body fat versus lean muscle mass is so high that their calorie needs are minimal.

Most all of us are highly unlikely to continue with restrictive diets and we all will typically slow are metabolic rate and gain weight in the long run… The only way to keep weight off permanently is by making healthy habit and lifestyle changes.