Sarah Mirkin RD, CPT — IBS & Weight Loss Dietitian




“TL/DR Sarah is a lifesaver and helped guide me to understanding my gut issues and learning to adapt without long-term sacrifices. I found to Sarah when I was battling my second bout of SIBO and feeling so frustrated and hopeless. I was so anxious, pouring through research and feeling like I was constantly trial-and-erroring my way through trying to mend my gut with no clear answers or sustainable remedy in sight. Sarah assured me she’d be able to help me get better and listened to my concerns, my doctor + medical history, and what wasn’t working for me. Sarah was able to give me a blueprint and guide me through my SIBO eradication and prevention through elimination FODMAP dieting to learn what my trigger foods were, educate me on what substitute foods I could reach for, and answered all my questions through the process. Once I was finished with FODMAP reintro, I felt more empowered, knowing what food types were triggers for me, and with Sarah’s help which enzymes I could take to help me still eat those food groups without strong symptoms – all in the name of SIBO prevention and generally feeling ‘normal’ again. Thank you Sarah!”
Lauren Hale.

“Sarah is amazing and so knowledgeable. I first came to her for help losing weight. Throughout this she also helped me discover that the long term stomach issues I was having were not normal and that there is a solution! Sarah helped me improve my stomach issues with the low FODMAP program and I now feel so much better. Thanks to Sarah’s help I was able to address my digestive problems and continue with my weight loss.”
Wendy G.
El Monte, CA

“Sarah has helped me with my relationship with food immensely. I’ve never felt so confident about my eating habits. She’s also helped me figure out stomach issues and target food sensitivities through the low FODMAP program. I feel less bloated, have more energy, and have better eating habits. She’s a joy to work with!”
Carey C.
Manhattan, NY

“Sarah is a fabulous nutritionist she has does wonders for me I have completely change the way I eat and I am so much happier with more energy weight loss and just overall feeling of well-being. She has many programs to choose from and I highly recommend her if you’re in need of a nutritionist. Sarah recently wrote a book with Prevention called Fill your plate lose the weight and has great recipes, tips and it is perfect to follow her guidelines.”
Penny F.
Oxnard, CA

“I swear Sarah is a miracle worker. I’ve gone to her on 3 occasions, only taking breaks due to financial constraints. But I know it’s time to pay her a visit when I’m so incredibly unhappy and hopeless, and when I feel sluggish and lost with my nutrition and health. I feel exponentially better just within a week of seeing her. Her small tips and advice make the biggest difference. Her approach is direct but kind. Highly recommend!”


Jenny M.
Seattle, WA

“I first worked with Sarah back in 2010 when I was suffering from severe food allergies. Sarah suggested that we design a rotation diet (common for food allergy sufferers) and interviewed me about all my food sensitivities; then we went to the grocery store for menu ideas and slowly developed a diet. It was a success and my health has been much improved ever since.

More recently I went back to Sarah just to see what changes I could make to my rotation diet and she shared with me many of the foods that she had researched online and found by visiting specialty food stores that I never knew existed.

She handles herself well and knows a lot about the science of nutrition. I would go to her again if my allergies ever flare up.”
Stephen D.
Santa Monica, CA

“Sarah is an incredible nutritionist. She is patient, friendly, and so knowledgeable. Her Low-FODMAP diet was a godsend. After just a couple short months, my health issues drastically improved. I also love her shopping tours. They’re fun and informative. I am much less likely to put unhealthy things in my cart after a few of her shopping tours. Thank you, Sarah!”
Alla A.

“I started working with Sarah in September with the intention of losing a little weight, getting in shape, and still being able to enjoy my meals. I interviewed several other nutrition experts before deciding to work with her. I feel that I made an excellent decision because Sarah is a good listener, reliable, and committed to helping me achieve my dietary goals. She reviews my meals frequently and is available for frequent feedback and suggestions. She cares about my progress and she works hard but also she shares suggestions for meals she thinks I’d enjoy. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable expert who is committed to coaching you then you will enjoy working with her!”
Natasha M.
Beverly Hills, CA

“Sarah is simply amazing. I have been on a vegan diet for 3 1/2 years now but I couldn’t seem to lose weight and didn’t have the strength I thought I should have. On top of thatp I was always craving carbs and sugars. Within the first two weeks of working with Sara those cravings went away once my macro nutrients we’re balanced out and I have been getting even stronger. Plus the last week and a half I’ve lost 7 pounds of fat! Thanks Sarah”
Loki S.
Central LA, Los Angeles, CA

“Sarah has been a Godsend! I was suffering from severe bloating, and other stomach issues. I felt like my stomach was ruling my life! I went through Sarah’s Low FODMAP program and now I feel amazing! I’m pretty much free of any issues with my stomach. I’m so happy! I wish I had gone to her years ago!”
Jessica Taylor
Palm beach, Florida

“I started working with Sarah virtually 2 months ago and I feel better than I could have ever imagined. I was suffering from stomach issues, brain fog, and constant fatigue. My weight was higher than it’s ever been and I didn’t want to leave my house. Sarah is a miracle worker! I have so much energy, my sleep is great, my stomach only bothers me if I eat the wrong things, and I’m back to my happy weight! I’d highly recommend working with her over any other dietitian. I worked with 2 others before her and almost gave up. I’m so lucky I found Sarah.”
Amber Klein
Miami, Florida

“Sarah Mirkin is a life saver! She is a knowledgable and experienced Dietitian that helped guide mean how to et again and kick the yo-yo. Sarah is approachable, intuitive, and took the time to work with me on what I could eat that would leave me feeling less hungry, get me back to a healthy weight, and simplify all of the advice we hear. I needed an experienced pilot on my food journey as well as a cheerleader and I got both!”
Shawnee Mercier

Your little shopping list cheat sheet saved my life as well as the easy food recipe ideas! Also, downloading the Monash Fodmap App on my phone was a HUGE help because I could go to the grocery store and know exactly what I could or couldn’t buy. I stayed strictly low fodmap for about 4-6 months and I saw significant changes in my health. I had more endurance while working out and I lost weight that I was able to maintain keeping off. My mood was also much happier and healthier! I hope all of this helps! If you are looking for verbiage in a more template style format catered to one thing or something, let me know and send it over so I can just do that for you instead. I’m really well now! No issues at all. I try to be as low fodmap as possible but now I can tolerate a lot of foods since I did the reintroduction phase and everything settled well with me (surprisingly)
Kelsey, client of Sarah’s who has SIBO

In the early months of 2019, I was diagnosed with SIBO, a small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. I’d never heard of SIBO and didn’t know what it was until the doctor explained it to me. Three of the symptoms of SIBO are bloating, constipation, and the inability for the body break down various foods. My doctor advised me to see a dietician for help. I met with Sarah Mirkin, a registered dietician and who specializes in digestive issues and teaches the low FODMAP diet.. Under Sarah’s guidance and with progress, foods were eliminated from my diet and gradually reintroduced until I was longer experiencing the SIBO symptoms which I had experienced in the past. FODMAP was great in getting me back to health.
Randolph Bryant, client of Sarah (symptom-free in 2 months and has been symptom-free ever since)

We are feeling great! Rob has lost 18 pounds and I’ve lost 5 to 6 pounds. He said by the end of the second week on the diet her could tell a difference with his stomach. He does not feel anxious about his stomach when we are traveling because his stomach has felt more settled. Usually he would be very anxious driving in a car for long periods of time without a bathroom nearby. And I feel good too. I’ve noticed that I am more regular and I’ve not had an upset stomach or acid reflux. (I am taking meds for my acid reflux though)”
Linn and Rob, clients of Sarah’s

Struggling with IBS-C and methane-dominant SIBO lead me to develop a fear of eating a variety of foods because of the symptoms they might cause. Completing the three phases of the Low FODMAP diet has helped me to identify foods, and the amounts of these foods, that tend to trigger my IBS-C symptoms. Since completing the diet I have been able to reintroduce many of the foods that I needed to initially avoid in the Elimination Phase, which has made me more confident in my food choices both at home and when I dine out.”
Erin McRae Broberg

I came to Sarah at a point in my life when I did not know who to turn to. I was at a loss about what was going on with my body and spent months trying all kinds of diets – vegetarian, high fiber, raw, liquid, and nothing was helping. When Sarah introduced me to low FODMAP it all began to make sense. In my attempt at being healthy I was eating foods that didn’t settle with my stomach and couldn’t escape the symptoms that came with it. Within a few days of low FODMAP, my symptoms were completely gone. I am now on my way to pinning down what my body is reacting to.
Daria Orlova

“I came to Sarah Mirkin after I had a baby at age 43. I was a little skeptical at first because she recommended more food than I was used to eating and shorter workouts. 6 months after my baby was born I was more fit and lean than I\’ d ever been in my life! I feel great all of the time! I\’ m never hungry and my energy levels are better than ever. I never imagined it could be so easy.”
Sharon A

“Dr. Mirkin is a gem! When I was having gut issues she did her best to solve them. She is very resourceful and creates her own shopping lists to give to her patients based on their dietary needs and restrictions. This helped me so much because I didn\’ t have to guess or think too much about what to purchase because she had all of the information ready for me. She really cares about her clients and is super personable. We keep in touch through texts and she makes her schedule flexible so that her clients can come see her when it’s easiest for them. I’m so grateful Ive found her because she is motivating, kind, and so knowledgable. If you are looking for an RD, look no further. Dr Mirkin is your girl!”
Kelsey L

Sarah helped us start feeling great again! My husband, Bob has lost 18 pounds, and I’ve lost 5-6 lbs. Bob said that by the second week on the diet, he could tell the difference with his stomach.

With Sarah’s help, he no longer felt as anxious about his stomach when we are traveling because his stomach has felt more settled. Usually, he would be very concerned when driving in a car for long periods of time without a bathroom nearby. And I feel good too. I’ve not had upset stomach or acid reflux.
Bob and Stacey M.

Working with Sarah has been amazing! Have been slowly losing weight (which is the right way to do it) over the last month. She has taught me eating more is not a bad thing. She is super knowledgeable and makes it easy to make lifestyle changes. Her app is extremely helpful and keeps you accountable for what you are putting in your body. Additionally, she is super responsive and quick to give you feedback on food items you may be questioning. If you are looking to lose weight or just want to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle I highly recommend.
Deena F.

Sarah has an extensive knowledge of foods and nutrition. She is practical in her approach to help people make permanent lifestyle changes and to achieve true health. Programs are specifically tailored with monitoring and supportive guidance.

Kitchen Coach is unique because there are a variety of services offered. Programs are based on lifestyle, food preferences, health goals, and metabolic needs. She is also an excellent trainer and can combine your diet with a fitness program.

I highly recommend Sarah to those interested in improving their health.
Jeff A.

I have been working with Sarah for about 6 months on a combined diet and exercise plan focused on my goals with great results. I have lost approximately 18 lbs and 4% body fat. My goal was to become more lean while gaining muscle mass. She modified my workouts so my heart rate stayed higher to burn more calories and modified my diet so I am optimizing the intake before and after my time at the gym. Additionally, she provided great insight on food nutritional values during shopping sessions on items which were contrary to popular opinion and general intuition.
Mark T.

When I first came to see Sarah I had eaten nothing besides fruit and string cheese for weeks. I had always struggled with my weight, body image and relationship with food. I was afraid of food and afraid of the scale. I was also the heaviest I had been in my life. Three years later I can honestly say I am healthy and feel great about my body, myself and my relationship with food. Sarah taught me how to eat to nourish my body. She helped me to normalize my diet without pushing me too much so that I lost my fear and was able to gradually make the changes I needed to make to be healthy. She saved my life! I had seen other dietitians in the past who pushed me to eat the recommended amount of calories for my height and weight, which made me gain weight and fueled my eating disorder. Sarah understood my struggles and worked with me, rather than telling me what to do. I’d recommend Sarah to anyone who struggles with their weight or their relationship with food.
Jen, Actress, West Hollywood

As a busy professional and bachelor with a taste for the faster foods in life, I thought there was no way I would be able to manage healthy eating in my own home. Kitchen Coach completely proved me wrong! Sarah Mirkin took the time to understand the type of foods I like, and came up with some amazing healthy alternatives and choices that did not compromise on taste, convenience, or budget. I couldn’t believe that most of these choices required little preparation and they really were good for you! After her first trip to the supermarket for me, I was eating much better, enjoying the food, and generally feeling better about myself. With Sarah taking care of the groceries, it was so great to come home to a refrigerator full of choices that appealed to me, AND it was one less housekeeping chore for me! I was also really impressed with Sarah’s ability to bring home real nutritious solutions and cut through the healthy marketing spin so prevalent in today’s supermarket. If you are someone who needs some help getting a nutritious diet into their lives, and like me, are hesitant to compromise on your lifestyle and tastes, Sarah is an amazing resource, and someone I can’t recommend enough.
Tom R, Consultant, Santa Monica

“When my medical internist first referred me to Sarah Mirkin, I thought I was already pretty savvy about nutritional matters, only to discover that Sarah was the savvy one, not me! I brought a huge shopping bag full of food items I normally ate to her and quickly discovered which ones go into my mouth and which ones go into my garbage can. I highly recommend the services of Sarah for anyone in need of a nutritional reality check and a competent nutritionist to go from point A to point Z.
Rene D., Retired educator

Before I started my new lifestyle with the help of Sarah Mirkin I had bad eating habits. I didn’t care about nutrition, and didn’t realize its importance. Then my doctor told me my cholesterol and blood sugar levels were high. I was pre-diabetic. With Sarah’s help I was able to change my whole way of life. She taught me how to follow a well balanced diet and encouraged me to exercise regularly, making sure I included cardio and weight training. I lost 45lbs over the course of six months and now my cholesterol and sugar levels are well below normal. I exercise six days a week, and follow a well balanced, healthy diet. It’s my way of life today.
Bryan H.

Thank you ever so much for getting me on track with healthy eating and in supporting me in my efforts to lose weight. I started out in spring of 2006 at 161 lbs. and am happy to report that as of today. I am a slim 145 lbs. I am down from size 10 pants to a 6. I go to the gym 4 or 5 days a week, keep a journal of my eating, weigh(daily) and monitor my mood/stress and snacking habits (more apples and fewer jelly beans-smiles). I have added more veggies to my diet-striving for 1/2 of my plate and have almost eliminated red meat. The best lifestyle change that I made was to prepare my own food and to avoid fast food restaurants. I sit down in my dining room, light a candle and then eat (no television watching). I am particularly grateful to you and I keep your card near my refrigerator so that I will be reminded everyday of your advice to me. One pound at a time, one day at a time, I will reach my goal. Thanks you.
Cynthia M., Retired School Principal

As a musician I tour on a regular basis. Late night shows, early morning travel and a schedule that doesn’t really lend itself to healthy eating. Sarah was able to help me learn different ways to tweak that lifestyle so that I could eat healthier during those times. These were just little changes that one wouldn’t otherwise think of which has resulted in lost pounds and better energy level. My performances are better and the guys in the band got on the proverbial bandwagon as well. I can’t thank her enough and it doesn’t hurt that she’s very easy on the eyes. I can’t wait to hear the cool ways she helped other people with unique lifestyles.
Etan G., Musician

I want to thank you for helping me get healthier with your advice on diet. You really reached me. According to my old belt, I’m down 4 inches. All because of you!
 Tim D.

“I saw Sarah about four years ago because I was about 40 pounds overweight. My doctor had also recommended that I see her because I had cholesterol problem due to my overweight condition. Sarah educated me about nutrition and helped me to reduce my caloric intake. I really liked her flexible program because there was variety of foods that I could choose from. She also brought me to Whole Foods Market for a shopping lesson which was very informative and helpful. I lost my 40 pounds of excess weight in about four months by following her flexible program, and thank God my cholesterol problem went away as well. Sarah is a nice, caring and knowledgeable registered dietitian. I recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to lose weight safely and effortlessly. I also recommend her to those who want to become more knowledgeable in the field of nutrition so they can have and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Soheil D.

I met Sarah Mirkin about 6 years ago when she worked with Cedars Sinai Medical Group. My doctor sent me to see her because my cholesterol was 204 (he wanted it under 200). She looked at my diary and the first thing she told me was that I was going to have to stop drinking so much mocha mix and juice. Immediately I thought to myself, we are not going to get along. I told her you don’t understand, the mocha mix does not have any cholesterol. Sarah replied, it has ingredients that will raise your cholesterol, such as hydrogenated oil. I raced home to read the ingredients and there it was big as day. I also tried to explain that the 32 ounces of juice I drank every night before going to bed was 100 % pure juice. Sarah said, the fruit you lose the fiber and have 100% sugar. My first lesson on reading labels. After that I went on a shopping tour at Whole Foods Market where she taught me how to shop for healthy foods and our relationship continued from there. Needless to say I got my cholesterol down to 168 and went from a size 12 to a size 6 in about 2 months. Six years later I am still a size 6 and have maintained my health eating habits.
Shawnee M.

I have been working with Sarah for the past 8 weeks and my well being has improved significantly. I had been struggling with gut issues for years but traditional medicine processes were dismissing my case as it was not alarming. Sarah’s expertise was key on identifying root causes and immediate next steps which caused me to improve quickly. Sarah was also able to introduce me to the right doctors and prescriptions in addition to the diet care and follow-ups. Her persistence and check-ups on my wellbeing have been keeping motivated. Thank YOU, Sarah!
B Pd.