Sarah Mirkin RD, CPT — IBS & Weight Loss Dietitian


I was always passionate about health and nutrition.

In my younger years, two major things happened that drove me to specialize in weight management and IBS.

I was eating terribly and not exercising. Suddenly the scale was 30 pounds higher than it is now.

Feeling desperate to get the pounds off, I tried pills, fad diets, you name it.


I ended up following a very restrictive vegan, fat free diet, combined with exercising 3 hours a day.

I lost 20 pounds and maintained it eating this way.

Following an intervention while I was studying nutrition and dietetics in college, I started eating everything that I wanted to again. This time it was a balanced approach,
incorporating fats, and additional protein and calories. I also reduced the exercise to a max of an hour a day,

Once I started to trust my body everything changed.

To my surprise, eating the right foods, eating more food, and exercising less caused me to lose weight!

I suddenly started feeling great. I had a ton of energy, focus, better sleep and I felt so much happier.

Unfortunately, many years of a strict fat free diet destroyed my gut microbiome.

In time it seemed like everything I ate bothered my stomach.

Doctors said, “Everything looks normal. It’s IBS. You’re just going to have to live with it.“

Sound familiar?

Sometimes I was afraid to eat because of possible pain. I’d have to make evening plans in advance and eat pretzels instead of dinner. If I ate a healthy dinner I’d look pregnant. I lived with the fear that I’d be battling my gut for the rest of my life.

I know what it’s like to try so hard to lose weight that it backfires, and I know the most effective and healthiest way to lose weight long term.

I’ve studied IBS and SIBO to the point that I’m more knowledgeable than MOST doctors.

I cured myself and I can do the same for you!


Weight Management

Sarah will guide you in achieving sustainable weight loss through a personalized approach tailored to your food preferences, lifestyle, metabolic needs, and goals. With her expertise, you’ll be empowered to adopt permanent, healthy habits, paving the way to achieving long term weight loss and a healthy way of life!

Digestive Issues

So many people suffer in silence with digestive issues like SIBO, chronic stomach bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, gastric reflux, endometriosis, GERD, and IBD. Sarah will help you manage your symptoms, heal your gut, and resolve your digestive issues.