How This Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Helped Reality Star, Sarah, Lose 23 lbs in 1 Month

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Sarah Fraisou is a reality star from France. She joined the casting of France’s longest running reality show, Angles season 8: Pacific Dream and season 9: Holidays of Angels. As a dietitian to celebrities, I was asked to be part of the show and help Sarah Fraisou lose weight and establish a healthier way of life.

Sarah is a beautiful “Angel” but also morbidly obese. She wasn’t interested in losing weight and didn’t care about what she put into her body until she met a man, fell in love, and was considering having a baby. Sarah loved her bodacious body and was addicted to sugar,  but knew her weight, diet, and unhealthy habits were putting her at high risk with her health. Adding a baby to the equation would put both of them at high risk. She knew it was time to make some changes!

I only had one month on the “Angels 10” show counseling Sarah. I came on the show to not to help Sarah lose weight quickly, but to give her the tools she needed to keep the weight off permanently. During the month I spent with Sarah her goal was a 20 pound healthy weight loss. She lost 23 pounds and has established permanent habit change. 

Sarah was amazing to work with. It’s so rare to find any woman that loves her body. She represents what self-love is all about. She is an inspiration to other females to start loving and appreciating their femininely, but also invest in their health because that matters more important than anything else.

Sarah has a very carefree and happy personality. She loved her body and had no concern in what she put in her body...until she thought of having a baby.

Her health and weight put her at risk of having a complicated  pregnancy. Sarah needed to lose weight before she could conceive. At the beginning of The Angels season, she was over 250 pounds. She still looked beautiful. But she needed to now look just as beautiful on the inside.

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 What Binge Eating Looks Like

Before i met Sarah She lead an unhealthy lifestyle.  When she woke up she would drink excessive amounts of soda and full sugar juice for the first 6 hours of her day, then overeat on anything and everything. She would eat until she was too full to possibly eat anything else.  

Sarah was addicted to sugar but she was content and carefree.

 Obesity- high risk factor for miscarriage and difficult pregnancy. It also increases the risk for having an obese child. The way Sarah was eating would never meet the nutritional needs for a baby growing inside of her. Luckily she was aware of this!

SUGAR is the number one cause of obesity and most major health conditions including inflammatory conditions, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Sugar is as addictive as cocaine. It is a form of poison that is actually worse for your body than cigarettes. Sarah was consuming  over ten times the recommended amount of sugar every day.

Sarah needed help if she wanted to lose weight and have a healthy pregnancy. 

Sarah was 25 at the time of the Angels season 10 reality show. She knew if she wanted to have a baby within the next few years that she would have to start changing her diet now. My goal was to teach her how to start eating a healthy balanced diet and break her sugar addiction. We were on a mission to set the foundation to establish a healthier weight for her future baby, and healthier life for her long term. 

I evaluated her diet and provided guidance and education so that she was able to make healthy habit changes for permanent weight loss.  helping her get on the path to establish a healthier weight...for baby….(ask how much she should weight for having a baby) 

List benefits

The Results I provided Sarah on The Angels Reality Show:

●      Learned how to eat healthy 

●      Became used to cooking and prepping foods

●      Fueled her body evenly to avoid excessive hunger and binge eating 

●      Began to turn to protein for energy when hunger struck instead of sugar 

●      Learned how to make healthy choices at restaurants and on the go 

●      Increased her energy levels and strength

●      Became educated on how different foods she was eating were really hurting her body  and also the foods that would make her look and feel her best  

●      Changed her mindset about food and weight loss ( although still in the works)

●      Started eating smaller more frequent meals and “splurge” foods in moderation

●      Learned how to balance her meals so that they were satisfying. She began choosing high in protein and vegetable based meals.

●      Was no longer out of breath when walking up stairs

●      Had a better night sleep and woke up earlier

The Steps to success

The Steps I Used To Help Sarah Lose 23 Pounds In One Month

Step One: Evaluating The Diet

I first evaluated Sarah’s diet. She already knew that her diet was not healthy and that what she was doing to her body was not sustainable. 

Sarah usually had over 10 glasses of sugary beverages every day. Sugar gave her a feeling of high energy when she drank it throughout the day but in the evening she would crash, feel “starving” and overeat foods like pasta, pizza[9] , burgers and desserts. She was on a blood sugar roller coaster, and she knew she could not continue this long term.

Her sugar consumption was close to 10 times the recommended upper limit. Her caloric consumption was well above her needs. This is not uncommon when calories are in Iiquid form bc the body does not recognize sugary beverages as food, so a person will not compensate for the extra calories later in the day

After reviewing her diet, Sarah admitted to being “ready to do anything”  to lose the weight permanently and establish healthy habit change.

Step Two: How to Nourish Your Body and Begin To Fuel It With The Right Foods

The next step was education. I taught Sarah the benefits of fueling her body with healthy foods to feel her best and lose weight. I provided education on how leading a healthier lifestyle would be beneficial for her and made sure she was aware of the health risks if she were to continue on the path she was on. 

I taught her the fundamentals of balanced eating and how to incorporate[12]  the right foods into her diet so that it could be practical and long term 

Step Three:  Creating A Customized Meal Plan  

I knew Sarah needed structure for success. I created a meal plan tailored specifically to her.

After reviewing her new meal plan together, Sarah followed it religiously[13] . Sarah switch from drinking pop and juice all day to eating three healthy wholesome meal. She was thrilled with the foods she was eating and how she was feeling. Instead of drinking sugars, she only drank water. 

The Pantry Makeover- Step 4

The Angels reality show had 15 other contestants. This meant that their pantry and refrigerator was STUFFED! They all lived in the same mansion, shared the kitchen and spent most of their time together. This made things so much more challenging for Sarah. When walked into the kitchen to go through the pantry and refrigerator I was overwhelmed by the delicious smell of pizza being cooked in the oven, dishes of candy everywhere, and other contestants eating all around us. Sarah dealt with this temptation on a daily basis but still managed too stayed on track. 

That evening Sarah and I  reviewed food labels and discussed why the food items were healthy or unhealthy. She began to learn what the labels and ingredients meant, what to look for when reading an ingredient list and how to see if something had hidden sugars. 

Many of the foods in the pantry were calorie dense. We discussed options to replace them and spices and seasoning that would give the food flavor without excessive calories

We then sat down and put together a detailed grocery shopping list so that Sarah had more options and less temptation around her

 Step 5: Choosing Healthy Meals When Eating Out

Sarah went on a Vegas trip with the other contestants. This meant that she was away from a kitchen and couldn’t prepare or cook her own meals She terrified that if she ate foods outside of her meal plan she would regain the weight she had lost and negate all of her progress. Rather than risk this she didn’t eat at all. She was so determined to stay on track but didn’t realize fasting actually would negate her progress.

When I had my regular meeting with her to see how she was doing she said she was “not feeling well”.  I found out she had starved herself the 3 days on the trip. I explained the risks of starving your body and how that doesn’t contribute to sustainable weight loss. 

When a person goes on a starvation diet two things happen. One is that the metabolism slows down to protect them from starvation. This mechanism was adapted from our ancestors many years ago. They would forage for food and go days or even weeks at a time without it. 

The second is the weight loss will be primarily from water and lean muscle, not fat. Muscle burns calories, fat does not. The more muscle mass you have, the more energy (calories) your body expends on a daily basis. With muscle loss, energy expenditure is much less. When the metabolism is reduced a person’s calorie needs become much lower. When they go back to eating noramlally they will most likely regain the weight quickly, but as fat instead of muslce, and becasue the metabloism is slowed they will most likely end up heavier than where they started. The end result is a slowed metabolism, higher body fat, and higher weight. This makes weight loss much more challenging!

*Her body fat was 42%. Way above normal from a history of yo-yo diet and inactivity.

After explaing how detrimntal fasting and yo-yo dieting is. I took Sarah out to lunch to teach her how she could stay on track and make healthy choices at restaurants. We reviewed the menu together and discussed how to order a meal in the way that it wasn’t over her calorie budget. I explained to her to always ask for extra veggies instead of processed carbohydrates like pasta and white rice. We discussed eating the protein and veggies on her plate too so that she would feel satisfied sooner and not crave the carbohydrates.  

Sarah ended up ordering a 8oz filet mignon with veggies. She ate the veggies first to so that she would feel more satisfied and not need to finsish the steak. She left part of the steak on the plate. The result was that she felt that she had splurged but it was okay because she didn’t over do it. 

She felt satisfid not stuffed. She didn’t feel like she was over eating and began to start trusting her own body. 

Step Seven: Increased Energy

Sarah is truly an amazing woman! Her self-discipline was so admirable. All of the other contestants on the show saw this and felt so proud of her. They saw the temptation she was surrounded by yet she never gave into it.  She was so determined to work towards her health goals that nothing stood in her way throughout the whole 10th season of The Angels. During our last session together, all the contestants joined us as Sarah would weigh herself for the last time on the show. The result was that Sarah had surpassed her goal and lost 23 pounds! Everyone was so happy for her. They stood around us as she weighed in and cheered! I presented her with a dozen white roses to congratulate her and a gift certificate to continue working with me indefinitely online.

The contests had each written her a congratulations letter expressing how much admiration they felt for her and her achievements I walked her out of the house, gave her hugs goodbye and opened up the door to the car to read all of the letters. It was such a special day.   

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