Sugar is Poison! Here is Why You Should Cut Way Down on Sugar, and Simple Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

It’s important to cut down on sugar for many reasons;

1. Sugar triggers inflammation in the body which is the main cause for most major health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis pain and so much more!

2. Sugar triggers a spike in insulin followed by a crash. This can cause feeling of excessive hunger, anxiety, fatigue, and moodiness due to the blood sugar ups and downs.

3. Eating sugar makes you crave more sugar. Once you’re on a blood sugar roller coaster it’s not easy to get off!

4. Sugar is an empty calorie nutrient. You don’t need to include it in your diet for any reason at all.

5. Studies show that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Once you are eating foods high in sugar it’s hard to stop. 

Easy ways to reduce sugar intake :

1. Cut out all juices and sodas. Both are 100% sugar! Try flavored sparkling water, unsweetened teas, or fruit infused water instead!

2. Switch to dark chocolate to satisfy dessert cravings, instead of sugary sweets.

3. Instead of Ice cream try blending frozen berries with cottage cheese for a high protein sweet, very healthy dessert!

4. Avoid all artificial sweeteners! They will only make you continue to crave that sweet taste!

5. Fuel your body evenly through out the day with high protein mini meals or snacks. This will help you keep your blood sugars even so you aren’t craving a sugar “pick me up”.

6. Get enough sleep! When people are sleep deprived they tend to reach for sugar for an instant energy spike. Again, this is followed by a crash and the cycle continues. 

7. Our of sight, out of mind. Keep sugary sweets tucked away, or out of your home or office. If they aren’t in your line of vision or within easy reach, you’ll be much less tempted.

8. Be aware that once you stop eating or drinking sugar the cravings WILL go away in time, you’re energy and mood will be better and more even, and if weight loss is a goal it will happen naturally! 

Sarah Mirkin