Signs Your Stomach Troubles are Caused by High FODMAP Foods


1. You Feel Bloated

Most of my clients that feel like they are bloated most of the time, or almost daily, have SIBO. You have two options. Get tested for SIBO. It’s a 3 hour breath test. Some insurance companies don’t cover it and it an be very pricey however you will know immediately if you have SIBO or not.

Option 2; Start the low FODMAP diet plan. If you feel better you will know it’s most likely from eliminating FODMAP’s

2. You Have Frequent Stomach Pain

If you see a GI doctor and they rule out everything else they will probably diagnose you with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). 80% of people with this diagnoses actually have SIBO.

3. You Have Bouts Of Diarrhea or Constipation

These are classic IBS symptoms. This means you most likely have bacterial overgrowth.

4. You’re Dealing With excessive Gas

Unhealthy bacteria are feeding on the FODMAP’s you’re ingesting and producing rumbling noises, discomfort, bloat and excess flatulence

If you have any of these symptoms and suspect you have SIBO then you should see a Registered Dietitian for professional help and guidance on how to follow the Low FODMAP Diet

Sarah Mirkin