6 week starter program

Say goodbye to diets and hello to a healthy way of life with this 6 week program. This program will get you started on a path towards permanent healthy eating habits. The result is achieving your health goals!


4 month intensive program

This 4 month program is aimed to get you on the right path towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Permanently. 

Get fit quick program

This 2 month intensive, highly structured program is designed to give you a quick fat loss and muscle tone. If you desire fast results as a jump start towards making healthier permanent lifestyle changes then this program is for you!

6 month Makeover

This program is a comprehensive, 6 month all inclusive package to help you reach your health and nutrition goals and establish a healthier and more fullfilling lifestyle. 

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International Program

This program is for the busy executive who is constantly on the go and lives part time in the air. Our team of nutritionists and dieticians will work with your hotel chefs and private chefs in LA and globally to create menus and ensure you are eating in a way that's conductive you nutrition goals at home and abroad.

12 weeks to 100% success

Change doesn't happen overnight. But you can gain pernament healthy changes with our 12 week coaching program. This program will help you re-start your life. The result is more energy and feeling and looking your best. 


Executive Level Program

This program is for the busy professional who wants to eat healthy, delicious, gourmet foods and achieve their health and weight loss goals without the work.