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Get The Same Meal Plan Celebrity Reality Star, Sarah Fraisou Used To Lose 25 Pounds In 1 Month! 

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Hi, I am Sarah Mirkin RD, CPT. I’m a celebrity Dietitian and health coach in Los Angeles.

I was asked to be on the top, and longest running, Reality show in France to help a contestant lose weight.

Sarah Francois is a reality star that was morbidly obese and needed my help to lose weight so she could follow her dream...

Her “dream” was not to be a famous actress or model or to look better. She loved her bodacious figure. She didn’t want to lose weight to change her appearance. Her dream was to have a healthy baby with the man she loved. 

To get there, Sarah would need to make some major habit changes and dietary modifications. 

Before working with me, Sarah hadn’t been interested in eating healthfully or exercising. Luckily she was highly motivated to get the results she was looking for so she learned quickly! It wasn’t difficult for her to adjust because she saw and felt positive results almost immediately from following the meal plan I created for her.


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The result Sarah achieved after following my meal plan was incredible!

After a month of working together, Sarah had established a healthy way of life, and met her weight loss goal. By the end of our time together Sarah;

  • Learned how to eat to fuel her body

  • Began cooking a meal prepping daily

  • Started feeling signals of hunger and satiety and responding to them

  • Learned how to choose healthy restaurant options

  • Put an end to her sugar addiction

  • Stopped binge eating

  • Stopped relying on sugar and caffeine for energy

  • She began to sleep better

  • It was less effort to walk upstairs and exercise

  • Lost 25 pounds in one month

  • Had more energy than ever

The results were incredible! I was so impressed with her dedication and enthusiasm!

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