“When I first came to see Sarah I had eaten nothing besides fruit and string cheese for weeks. I had always struggled with my weight, body image and relationship with food.  I was afraid of food and afraid of the scale. I was also the heaviest I had been in my life. Three years later I can honestly say I am healthy and feel great about my body, myself and my relationship with food. Sarah taught me how to eat to “nourish” my body. She helped me to normalize my diet without pushing me too much so that I lost my fear and was able to gradually make the changes I needed to make to be healthy. She saved my life! I had seen other dietitians in the past who pushed me to eat the recommended amount of calories for my height and weight, which made me gain weight and fueled my eating disorder. Sarah understood my struggles and worked with me, rather than telling me what to do. I’d recommend Sarah to anyone who struggles with their weight or their relationship with food.”

— Jen, Actress, West Hollywood

Lyda Mclallen