“As a busy professional and bachelor with a taste for the “faster foods” in life, I thought there was no way I would be able to manage healthy eating in my own home. Kitchen Coach completely proved me wrong! Sarah Mirkin took the time to understand the type of foods I like, and came up with some amazing healthy alternatives and choices that didn’t compromise on taste, convenience, or budget. I couldn’t believe that most of these choices required little preparation and they really were good for you! After her first trip to the supermarket for me, I was eating much better, enjoying the food, and generally feeling better about myself. With Sarah taking care of the groceries, it was so great to come home to a refrigerator full of choices that appealed to me, AND it was one less housekeeping chore for me! I was also really impressed with Sarah’s ability to bring home real nutritious solutions and cut through the “healthy” marketing spin so prevalent in today’s supermarket. If you are someone who needs some help getting a nutritious diet into their lives, and like me, are hesitant to compromise on your lifestyle and tastes, Sarah is an amazing resource, and someone I can’t recommend enough.”

— Tom Russo, Consultant, Santa Monica

Lyda Mclallen