Poached Salmon over Power Greens



-       5 ounces of raw salmon

-       4 cups power greens (1 bag)

-       1 tsp butter

-       1 chopped leek

-       sprinkle of dill

-       parsley

-       4 ounces of vegetable broth

-       Pinch of salt



1.       In a shallow pan, place the fish over the leek, dill and parsley.

2.       add a few ounces of vegetable broth.

3.       Cover loosely and gently simmer on the stove.

4.       Simmer four to six minutes covered.

5.       At the same time use a stickless pan on another burner and turn to medium heat

6.       Coat the pan with butter, add greens and a pinch of salt

7.       Cover for 2 minutes then uncover, stir and place on plate

8.       Place salmon over bed of greens

9.       Poaching time will vary with the amount of fish being poached and the thickness.

Sarah Mirkin