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Nutrition Coaching Tailored Specifically to YOU!

by LA's #1 Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Sarah Mirkin RD, CPT

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 Kitchen Coach will help you transform your life through education, guidance, practical advice, and the tools you need to achieve superior results long term. 

 When you make one healthy, positive change you open the door to a lifetime of sustainable healthy habits. Start living a healthier life today!

Celebrity dietitian, nutritionist, and founder of kitchen coach, Sarah Mirkin RD, CPT will steer you towards wellness strategies that are tailored specifically for your body.

As a renowned health expert and media spokesperson, Sarah will help you achieve a healthy way of  life. For 20 years, Sarah has helped countless people lose weight permanently and manage health and digestive issues.





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At Kitchen Coach we will help you transform your life through education, practical advice, simple tips and tools, fitness, fun, and the highest level of accountability for you to achieve superior results long term.



LA's #1 Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Founder of Kitchen Coach:

Meet Sarah Mirkin

Sarah Mirkin RDN, CDT is a Celebrity Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, wellness expert, and certified fitness trainer based in Beverly Hills, California. For over 20+ years Sarah has helped clients improve their health, achieve their goals, and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy life.