What Does a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Eat?

I get this question ALL OF THE TIME! Here is my typical day.

Breakfast: I start my day with a cup of green tea, water, and Greek yogurt mixed with pecans and blueberries. I will sometimes add a handful of a whole grain, low sugar cereal. Blueberries are not only sweet and delicious, but are an excellent source of phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and dietary fiber. The yogurt is thick and creamy as well as a great source of protein, vitamin D, probiotics, and calcium. The nuts provide extra fiber, protein, and staying power as well as a plethora of nutritional benefits!

Lunch: Regardless of the time of day I’m hungry 3 hours later.  A typical lunch for me is a toasted whole wheat bialy topped with chicken salad (prepped with canola mayonnaise), arugula, sliced tomato and reduced fat melted cheese. Cantaloupe or another melon is a wonderful side. I drink fat free milk and water with my lunch. I may have a chunk of dark chocolate too. My lunch is not only delicious and satisfying but loaded with a rainbow of nutrients. 

Snack:  2 – 3 hours later I am hungry again. Laughing cow light cheese spread on wasa rye crackers is a favorite snack of mine! Pair it with baby tomatoes and sweet baby bell peppers. It’s a perfect mini-meal. I don’t ever skimp on calcium and these colorful baby vegetables are sweet and nutritious!

Snack: 2 hours later ready for a protein fix! A typical afternoon snack for me is turkey wrapped in lettuce leaves with mustard or on a whole grain cracker. 

Dinner: Of course it varies. One of my favorite easy meals right now is seared scallops with a baked yam and sautéed spinach. Yams and spinach are both nutrition powerhouses! Scallops take 4-6 minutes to cook and the yam goes right in the microwave for 6 minutes. Paired with a glass of red wine… My perfect healthy plate!

After dinner: I have a sweet tooth just like most of my clients! Milano double chocolate cookies satisfy my sweet tooth. 2 cookies and a glass of fat free milk is a perfect end to my day.

So many people mistakenly think you need to be hungry or give up certain foods to be lean. That is not the case. I am a perfect example of that!

Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re satisfied not stuffed. Include protein and fiber every time you eat. Choose sweets in moderation. Exercise every day. Listen to your body. It knows!

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