As a nutrition and fitness expert, Sarah is quoted in the media, and on television, talk shows and documentaries. Please watch Sarah’s interview on KTLA Hollywood Trend report below if you missed it. Sarah talks about why carbohydrates have such a bad rap and how they can be included as part of a healthy diet.






Sarah was the dietitian behind the Lifetime reality show DietTribe. She created 6 weeks of menus for the women on the show to follow,  provided the Kitchen Coach healthy plate model as an educational tool for the women on the show,  created an exchange list so that the woman had options, and weekly shopping lists for the items on the menus.





Sarah is also the dietitian on the cooking/talk show My African Kitchen. She is interviewed weekly about various nutrition topics. She is also interviewed in the documentaries  Why Am I So Fat? and ’50 Shocking Facts about Fitness and Diet’. These will be available for viewing in 2013.

Sarah has been featured in Self magazine and multiple articles on

She was interviewed about the new MyPlate, Is MyPlate an Improvement Over the Food Pyramid?“Words to Eat By”,  and  is on the panel of nutrition experts for

Sarah was interviewed about eating over the holidays for an article on City Girl Bites, and was a contributor to the book Fibromyalgia and Other Central Pain Symptoms.

Sarah is the expert nutritionist interviewed by radio and in print for Fit –

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