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Meet Sarah Mirkin, RD

Sarah Mirkin is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, spokesperson and media personality with a private practice in Beverly Hills, California. For over 15 years Sarah has been helping people reach their health and weight loss goals by giving them the tools they need to achieve permanent lifestyle change. She is passionate about working closely with her clients to ensure their success. From celebrity actors to the average person, Sarah works with people with all types of nutrition related issues

Sarah’s recent media appearances include interviews on KTLA news, Associated Press World News report, Hollywood Trend Report,  and a new national TV series about health and wellness called “Wake Up!” on Pop Network at 8 am Saturday mornings.

Sarah is a presenter at the IDEA World Fitness Convention, the dietitian for the Lifetime reality show “Diet Tribe,” the talk / cooking show “My African Kitchen”, and Documentaries including Why Am I So Fat? and ’50 Shocking Facts about Fitness and Diet’. Sarah has been featured in Self magazine, Mens Fitness Magazine, multiple articles on EveryDayHealth.com, and FunFitFab website, and is on the panel of nutrition experts for everydayhealth.com. Previous to starting her private practice, Sarah was the dietitian for Cedars-Sinai Medical Group and Cedars-Sinai Health Associates for 6 years.

Sarah specializes in weight management, eating disorders, reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes control and prevention, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia and eating for optimal nutrition and energy. She also works with people with celiac disease, food allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, malnutrition, vegetarians, vegans, the elderly and pregnant women.

Sarah completed an undergraduate dietetics program, and received her bachelor’s of science as a double major in nutrition and dietetics, at the University of Vermont and followed by a graduate internship program at University of California at Berkeley.

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